Here’s where to find the best Spa in Rome

If you too want to forget about work and stress for a few hours, the El Spa wellness center is certainly the ideal place to live a unique experience every day.

A relaxing break in the heart of Rome?

With El Spa it’s possible. In this article we will explain to you why El Spa is the pampering you were looking for in the frenzy of days that all seem the same. Whether you live in Rome or are a tourist looking for a relaxation area in the heart of the capital, El Spa is able to offer you a unique wellness program.

After testing different spas, we can tell you that the atmosphere of the El Spa Turkish bath is a ritual you will never want to give up. How did the ancient Romans say? “Healty mind in healty body”. And it is precisely in accordance with the ancient tradition of the Roman baths that you can move from the hot tub (calidarium) to the cold tub (frigidarium). The kneipp path is in fact known to bring real relief to the circulation of the legs, especially in view of the summer.

If you too dream of a hot tub or a large swimming pool where you can immerse yourself and forget your daily commitments, with El Spa you can try the most suitable sensory path for you in the historic center and a few steps from Castel Sant’Angelo. With the “paths of El” you can in fact take advantage of exclusive treatments, single, couple or other packages suitable for all your needs, such as the one reserved for mom and daughter. Many external customers have in fact appreciated the suffused and reserved environment that El Spa creates for each path.

Are you curious about one of El’s trails?

Lulled by the vibrations of the Tibetan bells, you will live an unforgettable multisensory experience. Not just emotional showers or a simple spa with an ice fountain, but a true 360-degree wellness program at the end of which you will feel regenerated and ready to face even the most boring tasks. The path begins with a massage with El bath oil with an emollient and nourishing action. You will be wrapped in a disposable sheet to give your skin time to absorb the precious oil. Each aesthetic treatment is in fact carried out with the new El product line, but you will be the one to choose the essential oil with the most pleasing fragrance.

You can then continue with the ritual of bathing in flower petals in the romantic Indonesian tub, a perfect and evocative place of the atmosphere of the Far East.

Many of the other treatments in El Spa are in fact inspired by practices from the Levant, such as the Mandi Lulur, a wonderful relaxing massage with soothing power or the well-known Hammam path, a regeneration and purification ritual softened by tasting tea and herbal teas on floating trays. rich in aromatic herbs with purifying properties.

And why not also try El Spa’s beauty treatments for the face or the traditional Arabian sugar and lemon wax? Your skin will never be so smooth and plumped.

If you too want to learn how to manage stress and the small challenges of everyday life, El Spa offers you the Mindfulness course. With just 7 meetings you can get to know yourself to improve your relationship with others.

So what are you waiting for to choose El Spa? The wellness center is available for your most important events, such as a bachelorette party, a birthday or a relaxing gift, but if I were you I would immediately take advantage of the offers offered on the site.

El Spa in Rome awaits you every day from 10 am to 9 pm, from Friday to Sunday until 10 pm in via Plinio 15c / d (Prati district).

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