With Tibetan Singing Bowls


Extremely powerful massage, which acts on both the physical and emotional aspects of the person.

In the initial and final part of the massage are used Tibetan singing bowls, an ancient Oriental instrument.

The sound vibrations of these bells – of different sizes – gently resting on the chakras, produce intense “inner vibrations” that are able to induce body and mind in a state of deep relaxation and well-being, awaken emotional and energetic flows and release muscular tension.

It is well known that the cells of our body vibrate at a particular frequency; when it is altered (by stress, anxiety, trauma…), the physical and emotional aspects of the person are out of balance. The harmonic and melodic vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls, wisely used by the operator, can bring back to the original state the frequencies that constantly vibrate in our body.

In the central phase of the massage the operator alternates deep manipulations with finger pressure, to complete the state of psycho-physical relaxation.

Benefits: this massage reaches remote and inaccessible areas of our body. It acts profoundly on anxiety and stress: the most widespread sensation is that of receiving an inner, deep, subtle, regenerating caress that gives a great sense of peace and internal harmony.

Duration 1h or 1:15h

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