Bioenergetic Holistic Massage: what it is and what are the benefits

Have you ever heard of the Bioenergetic Holistic Massage? You must know that daily tensions, personal pains, anxiety and stress tend to stiffen our body by creating blocks not only physical but also mental. Psychological studies have shown that this type of massage guarantees numerous positive effects in the human being, so much so that it has become widespread in Western wellness centers, even though it originally came from the Levant.

If in doubt, keep reading the article. Once you’ve done that, you will be looking forward to booking a bioenergetic holistic massage in El spa!

But first of all, what is Bioenergetics?

Alexander Lowen in the 1950s devised the bioenergetic methodology, a psychotherapy technique applied to the body. With bioenergetics we act on the physical level to remove blocks caused by muscular tension but at the same time aim to solve emotional problems by strengthening the character structures. These techniques involve particular breathing exercises, postures and manipulations, accompanied by verbal expressions and massages.

This is where the Bioenergetic Holistic Massage was born. Let’s see what it consists of …

Bioenergetic Holistic Massage: what is it?

The Bioenergetic Holistic Massage draws its origin in part from traditional Chinese medicine, developing in fact on the principles of Yin and Yang, of the 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water), of the main Meridians (energy flow) and of the cycle Circadian. As in Thai massage, the body lies prone on the futon.

During the massage, the skilled hands of the El Spa masseur will go to act on one or more body segments, identified as armor that does not allow the free flow of energy within the body. Each block corresponds to a specific behavior and an emotion that remains stuck in the armor. With this particular massage treatment, the aim is to dissolve all the energy blocks on the body to allow the energy to flow smoothly and continuously. Each massage takes into account the physical characteristics of the person. In fact, it is a tailor-made, personalized massage.

The Bioenergetic Holistic Massage is based on psychological studies that have highlighted the link between the body and postural aspects of a subject and his character and emotional pattern. Emotions are streams of biological energy present in the body. This massage therefore lends itself to removing all the blocks and all the defense mechanisms that the body creates and, in the long run, can lead to the formation of diseases, relaxing the muscle part. From the body to the emotions, the bioenergetic massage fits perfectly into the holistic philosophy.

So what are the benefits of the Bioenergetic Holistic Massage?

Surely, like any good self-respecting massage, it promotes blood circulation, releases muscle tension and pampers every cell in your body. But the effects of the bioenergetic holistic massage are not only physical. Based precisely on the stimulation of the person’s energy balance, going to unblock the flow of energy within the body, it will bring great benefits to your mind, as well as to your immune system. This type of massage is recommended for those suffering from various anxiety-related disorders: obsessive thoughts, difficulty sleeping, stress, emotional and creativity blocks (and so on). But it is strongly recommended for everyone. Contemporary society always wants us to be energetic, never tired and full of vitality.

So why not treat yourself to a relaxing and energizing break in the heart of Rome? The Bioenergetic Holistic Massage lasts about one hour, for a maximum of one hour and a half. You can give it to a loved one in emotional distress, or think of making a great investment for yourself.

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